Luma Ventures invests in the fintech sector

We are proud to announce that Luma Ventures has signed an investment agreement with Cyber Productivity S.A. According to the agreement, the company will be supported with PLN 7M to accelerate its expansion plans on foreign markets.

Cyber Productivity specializes in delivering an automated accounting platform for banks providing services for the SME sector. The product is currently one of the most advanced solutions available on the market. It combines smart accounting with online banking thanks to which it offers a unique value proposition.

Cyber Productivity cooperates, among others with mBank, providing a solution known as mKsięgowość as part of the SuperKsięgowa service. The company also found international recognition by winning a silver medal in the prestigious EFMA Accenture 2016 competition as well as becoming a finalist of MIT FinTech Future Commerce 2017.

We are delighted that we will have the opportunity to actively support Cyber Productivity and its management in executing ambitious development plans.