• Early-growth to growth with tickets: from EUR 0.75 m up to EUR 2 m
  • Focused on companies building business value with data science
  • Operating in Central and Eastern Europe

Luma Ventures

Industry agnostic VC fund focusing on data science, supporting late-seed to growth stages with smart money.

Luma Ventures is a Venture Capital fund that focuses on investments in enterprises that leverage Data Science to build their products or solutions. We support companies from early-growth to growth stages with capital requirements from EUR 0.75 million up to EUR 2 million. We are industry and business model agnostic. Our fund is based in Warsaw yet we do not limit ourselves to Poland only and we actively search for investment targets in the CEE region. At Luma Ventures we believe that acceleration activities and non-financial support are crucial for our portfolio companies to increase their probability of success. That is why we strive to provide the real smart money to our entrepreneurs by sharing our experience, knowledge, business contacts and social capital.

  • Investment criteria:

  • Stage

    Early-growth (with MVP) & growth

  • Investment goals & needs
    • Full commercial launch
    • Business model optimization
    • Increase sales
    • New markets
  • Ticket size

    From EUR 0.75 million to EUR 2 million

Submit venture

All projects submitted to us from our partner network or directly through our website are treated equally and assessed using unified process.

  • 1Make sure your project matches our fund’s strategy and investment criteria/link/. For venture capital fund, we invest in data science based projects from Poland and CEE region. We encourage projects with pan-European or global ambition.
  • 2Prepare your pitch deck (project presentation). You will be asked to submit a max 10 pages presentation of your projects. An extended version of your presentation will be needed for our first meeting.
  • 3Fill and submit the application form.

Once you have completed the submission process our team will analyze your project. Should we see investment opportunity in your project we will get in touch with the person indicated in the application form to arrange the first meeting. We will provide instructions on how to prepare for the pitch and request additional information about the project and its founders. Should we not see an investment opportunity in your project at this moment we will inform you about our decision and include short feedback. We will respond within 2 weeks of your submission.

Thank you for sharing your project with us and Good Luck!

Smart Money

How do we help our companies succeed?

  • providing business contacts;
  • strategic advisory;
  • creation and searching for synergy amongst portfolio investments;
  • resources and services sharing;
  • searching for further investments;
  • support in searching for additional source of financing (state funds, grants, and subsidies);
  • support in business internationalisation or in expanding into Polish market;
  • support in corporate and financial performance management;
  • support in staff recruitment;
  • support of functional experts.

We are aware that the success of early stage companies is largely dependent on the non-financial support delivered by their investors.

That is why at Luma Ventures we focus on driect cooperation with entrepreneurs, open communication and establishing healthy business relationships. Besides we get involved in numerous activities that aim to increase the probability of success of our ventures.


  • Complementary skills and experience

    Our team consists of former executives of leading Polish companies operating in the logistics and financial sectors, entrepreneurs with experience in start-ups, analysts and functional specialists.

  • IT & Data Science

    We have a practical experience and educational background in the Data Science domain. We do understand data-oriented projects very well which helps us understand entrepreneurs and accelearte their ventures.

  • Synergies

    The size and amount of assets we manage allow us to search for synergies among our portfolio companies. This applies both to Luma Ventures portfolio and other Luma Investmnet assets. We seek commercial synergies, opportunities for pilot projects and feedback from peer entrepreneurs and executives.

  • Private money

    We manage assets generated by other investments realized by Luma Holding. We are independent from govemerment subsidies which makes us flexible when it comes to cooperation with companies and their further exit strategies.


We are headquartered in Malta. We operate in Poland with focus on the CEE region and this is where we actively seek our startups and where we have our extensive network of business partners.

We invest in the CEE region while at the same time we assist our startups to expand to Poland - biggest market in the region. Our goal is to support regional business growth until the company is mature enough to look for A+ rounds and to proceed further with global expansion.

  • Base location
  • 1st tier expansion destinations
  • 2nd tier expansion destinations
  • Markets to monitor